Essential Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Best Marketing Strategies you should know for 2018

The customer experience

Customer experience has been the cross-cutting topic of digital marketing trends for some years now. Faced with the upheaval of their ecosystem, companies are forced to rethink their customer experience (Consumer Journey Mapping) to remain attractive. The 10th edition of Accenture Interactive’s Fjord Trends report synthesizes new approaches favored to reach customers: shorter, more personal and more instant content, such as video, 3D video, or computer graphics (360 App, 360 Photo).

The marketing content

Highly diversified in its applications, content marketing concerns all marketers, B to B or B to C, whatever the organization or budget. The observed link between the publication frequency of the content, their angle and the number of interactions with Internet users confirms the need to set up a communication centered on didactic, exploratory and disruptive publications. At Mind area, we are at your side as a Creative Agency.

The ultra-personalization

Mass marketing is dead, long live personalized marketing! The principle: to collect a maximum of data on the behavior of the customers, which will then be analyzed and treated by algorithms of artificial intelligence to personalize the strategies. Big Data technologies are now able to analyze the vastness of data from social networks, online shopping, mobile application downloads and CMS.

Based in Montreal and New York, Mind Area Better Understands Trends for North American Consumers

Optimization of conversion rates

The “Conversion Optimization Rate” or CRO, which consists of increasing the percentage of visitors becoming customers via the web, is intended to take an even more prominent place in 2018 in marketing strategies. Strongly linked to the subject of natural referencing, optimization of conversion rates is more and more thought in relation to the user experience on the websites. The gains are twofold: better SEO on search engines, and sites that further convert visitors into customers.

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Cross-device marketing

Laptops, smartphones, tablets … devices are multiplying but uses are not alike: if many customers continue to learn from a laptop or fixed, the use of smartphones and tablets increases and focuses on more punctual and synthetic information. Companies are therefore faced with a new challenge: analyzing demographic data and the customer journey in real time to optimize their experience according to the location, time and device of the consumer (Consumer Journey Mapping) .

The objective of Mind Area : to better understand the purchasing behavior and to propose adapted content in a multichannel approach.

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